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No. 115 & 117, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
TEL:(8862) 2175-1313
Website: www.esunbank.com.tw
E.SUN BANK Service Branch

Founding of E. SUN Commercial Bank

In 1989, a group of elite professionals jointed under the leadership of  chairman Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, who pledged to attain to summit and pursue to be the best. In 1992, E.SUN Commercial Bank was born to realize these high ideals to be a first-class bank. The passage of the Financial Holding Company Law in 2001 paved the way for birth of E.SUN Financial Holding Company Ltd, on January 28, 2002, marking the beginning of new era for E.SUN and expanding the business horizons of E.SUN for insistent commitment of brand name and professional total quality management and service.

The features of E. SUN
  • Foundations of Sustainable Growth
    The Bank stresses sound operating management systems and corporate governance, the cultivation of a highly trained team of employees and the development of information technology forms the three pillars to support sustainable growth for the Bank. E.SUN maintains an image of providing professional and sincere service, while fulfilling its corporate responsibility.
  • Union Banking Network Marching Towards a Broaden Future
    Through the leadership of professional management team, with our unique know how and team work foundation, E. SUN is marching towards a broaden future by building an extended financial service network and distinguished business management with excellent service brand.
  • Be an Esteem Enterprise with Achievements
    「Pure as Jade, Stern as Mountain.」, E. SUN Bank is not only wanted to be a role model for financial institution and benchmark for service industry, but also intending to be a pure stream for the society. For a long time, E. SUN is actively fulfilling its society responsibility and implementing its caring promise made to the land of Taiwan. Towards its goal of become the most profitable Bank and the respected Bank.
Navigating E. SUN 
  • The Professional Master, Yung-Jen Huang
    Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, the founder of E.SUN Bank, is not just an outstanding banker with financial theory, practice and management experience, but also a fully devoted practical philosopher with vision and confidence. By leading a group of professional managers and talents, E. SUN has been found as「The Bankers’ Bank」.
  • Value Creation - Chairman Gary Tseng
    Chairman Tseng, a well-known professional and academic in financial industry, joined E.SUN management team in May 2010. Not only has he brought in extensive experience in financial supervisory and international vision to E.SUN from his previous position as Director General of Taiwan Banking Bureau and his service in Ministry of Finance, Central Deposit Insurance Corporation and Central Bank of R.O.C, but also created values to E.SUN Bank though a focus on service quality and differentiation. He will lead E.SUN Bank with his vision to create a valuable business in Taiwan and around the globe.
  • Excellent Leadership-Joseph N.C. Huang
    Mr. Joseph Huang, president of E.SUN FHC, focuses on the core value of the company and execute strategies in short, mid and long term. Through organic growth, strategic alliance and Merger& Acquisition, the three growth strategy of E.SUN, Mr. Huang will leads E.SUN step by step to achieve its strategic target and gain the exposure in global financial market.
E.SUN’s Philosophy and Culture

「「Fresh E.SUN, the Professional Bank」is consistent with our business pursuit.

「Honest, Health, Practical and Sound」is our unchanged operating principles. We named 「E.SUN」after「Jade Mountain」. Using the most「Expert」talent to provide the best 「Service」 is E.SUN’s 「Business」.「E.S.B.」represents E.SUN Bank’s profound significance of business philosophy-like Rising SUN. 

「The Highest Peak of Taiwan, The Best Bank in Taiwan」is our benchmark to operate the sustainable management. E.SUN team is always following the business philosophy of「Expert, Service and Business」,dedicating corporate culture of 「Reality, Capability and Responsibility」,「Team, Harmony and Happiness」、「Leadings, Excellence and Honor」and 「Contentment, Appreciation and Gratitude」to complete practice in both work and life, and leading the E.SUN Financial Group to the eternal of the sustainable management.

The Outlook of E.SUN Bank

The future of the next century, E.SUN Bank develops overall financial services and keeps improving, relying on the position of the highest quality of service as the advantage of corporate brand, making the name of E.SUN is equivalent to the best quality of service, creating E.SUN’s eternal value, and maintaining the irreplaceable advantage.

  • Express Professional Elegant Demeanor
    Success is always belonging to people who are in front of the trend. Since opening, E.SUN Bank requests high quality of service, driving the overall financial sector to place importance on and elevate the quality of service. Today, E.SUN Bank, like a black horse, has been running on the successful way, building foundation of eternal development with sustainable management. In the future, leading the E.SUN Bank toward to the future of next century is necessary, and expresses the professional elegant demeanor in the international financial stage.
  • Taiwan’s E.SUN, Global’s E.SUN
    Now and after we will be filled with hope, marching forward, cooperative effort, meeting the coming challenges in the international financial stage. We make a wish in the most sincerely promise, E.SUN Bank will bring E.SUN’s fresh and professional elegant demeanor out of Taiwan and toward to the international, and achieve 「Taiwan’s E.SUN Today will become Global’s E.SUN Tomorrow」.